Technology Notebook

Technology Notebook

11/08/2023 | Opening Keynote at GitHub Universe with Thomas Dohmke with a visit from Satya Nadella, CoPilot as an IDE, and accessibility and barrier breaking by utilizing natural language as a programming language.

11/06/2023 | OpenAI DevDay Opening Keynote from Sam Altman, improving the API, GPT-Turbo, TTS (Text To Speech), Custom Models, copyright infringement protections for Enterprise, a visit from Satya on using GPT in GitHub CoPilot, and using natural language to build GPTs (applications based on ChatGPT).

08/29/2023 | Andrew Ng on potential opportunities in AI, when (and if) AI will reach the capabilities of extrapolation that the human mind possesses, and if he thinks it is a threat to humanity in the future.

05/23/2023 | Satya Nadella’s keynote at Microsoft Build 2023. Demonstration of how AI plugins are being curated for use by developers, most notably legal document review from Westlaw (Thompson Reuters) and an introduction to Microsoft Fabric, which could provide AI tools to data analysts and decision makers in a business use case.

04/20/2023 | Greg Brockman’s TED talk where he lays out the shift AI will have on current technologies and the way we interact with them, how OpenAI based success on pushing the technology available and enabling high functioning teams, and their commitment to weighing the pros/cons of what this technology means for the world before any future releases.