Plans For 2024

Plans For 2024

Data Engineering Skill Building

I am working through my fifth year in my new area of expertise and I’ve decided to explore some additional technologies and skills as I pursue this career. It’s interesting the many paths I could’ve taken in life, but it’s been technology that’s held a particular fascination with me. After some heavy research into my new pursuit, I learned that I lacked some marketable skills. There is a line between a Data Analyst and a Data Engineer and that line is drawn in technical know how. My strategy is based on the following –

  • Cloud Technologies – I am pursuing some cloud certifications this year. I will accomplish this via a course on Udemy and reading. My first stop is the AWS Cloud Practitioner.
  • Python – between automation and large data management it’s hard to argue against knowing Python. I lined up a lot of great resources, including courses in Udemy and Pluralsight, MIT-OCW, and books.
  • ETL Technologies – data pipeline management is a key competency I want to improve. I am focusing on knowing these technologies in greater details, starting with Apache Airflow.

I believe if I can round out these skills I’ll most likely be able to launch deeper into this career, perhaps getting a pure technology role at some point.

Focus On Nutrition

In 2023 I created a weight training program that’s benefited me greatly. Most of the aches and pains I used to suffer evaporated as I toned up. For this year I plan on focusing on nutrition. Aging’s been challenging and there’s a right way, and a wrong way to do it. I can’t help but cringe when I see someone my age on a Jazzy scooter at the grocery store. I also possess some family history with various diseases, and coming from a line that doesn’t live too long makes one more aware of their health and how to manage it. I am convinced that eating right is the next step I need to take.

Cub Scouts

In March I’ll wrap up my first year as Cubmaster, and wow what a year it’s been! From almost tripling our membership, to becoming a Gold Pack, all of the training I’ve undergone, and the many new friends I’ve made, certainly set 2023 apart. I plan on wrapping up my Wood Badge tickets and bringing our Pack to the next level in terms of leadership as I transition to my next role with Boy Scouts of America.

Reconnect With My Interests

Without a doubt, my interests are in the backseat. My focus the last several years revolved around my children’s activities and not much else. I plan on reconnecting with what I enjoyed. I will most likely spend some time sussing out what that entails, although I suspect some fly fishing will be involved.

Image Generated From DALL-E
Image Generated From DALL-E