Webelos Skills Day, Good Bye Instagram, Hello 5:2

Webelos Skills Day, Good Bye Instagram, Hello 5:2

Webelos Skills Day

I invited my Webelos Den to Dutchman’s Rod and Gun Club for a skills day. They did several things. First they cooked on a barbecue and made us lunch. Then they learned about how to start fires and use a backpacking stove. I can’t believe I had all of that stuff in my own inventory to show them. I forget sometimes how much I used to go outside and do things. I had a couple of stoves to show them and several ways to make fire. Even the dads there said they learned something. We then used some tools on some old scrap I had, they learned how to saw, drive a nail, and screw something in. They they went fishing in our club ponds and caught some nice ones.

They earned pins for all of these activities and received those at the pack meeting this week. They all seemed to have fun. I love being able to give of myself and see people have enjoy themselves because of it. I never realized how rewarding it is serve others until I was older in life. I’ve always volunteered time and I’ve led a few of them, but the Boy Scouts of America has brought it up another level. As Robert Baden-Powell says “the most worth-while thing is to try to put happiness into the lives of others.”

Good Bye Instagram

I’ve had Instagram for about as long as I’ve been married, and I’ve put up 500+posts. I am at this point just getting tired of social media. It is just too much work having to manage your IG, FB, Twitter, and whatever else there is out there. I already quit Twitter/X once and recreated a new account just so I can follow tech trends. I have no plans to really post anything to it. I think the last straw for IG came when I made a post and it cross posted to FB. I specifically do not want those accounts related. I don’t want to bore my FB friends with the meal I ate. I also hate FB now and I can’t wait to delete that account. In fact I dream about deleting it but all of my family and friends are on there. I just do not like the privacy vacuum that Meta is and I now realize an enormous part of who I am is now out on multiple social media servers.

5:2 Fasting

I started 5:2 Fasting now that my physical workouts are going so well. I’m in this hairy predicament of wanting to lose weight but not my muscle mass. I don’t want to do keto because you can’t build muscle on an all fat diet. I don’t like counting calories. An all protein/Atkins diet doesn’t work because you don’t get enough fiber or fat for your brain to work. So, 5:2 works best for me. I’ll be fasting on Tuesday and Thursday, only having a protein shake after my strength training. All other days of the week will be normal eating although I plan on being more cognizant of what I eat and focus on nutrition. I am finding the older I get and the more active I get that what I eat plays a bigger role on me than it did in the past. I used to live off of Mountain Dew and cigarettes in my twenties but if I tried that now I’d be a mess (thank goodness I gave up nicotine those many years ago).

Catching Fish at Dutchman's For The Webelos Skills Day
Catching Fish at Dutchman’s For The Webelos Skills Day
Using tools at Dutchmans' for Webelos Skills Day
Using tools at Dutchmans’ for Webelos Skills Day