Captain’s Log Star Date 2024.05.17

Captain’s Log Star Date 2024.05.17


“Data Pipelines – Pocket Reference, Moving and Process Data for Analytics” – James Densmore – Chapter 7 Orchestrating Pipelines

“The Enterprise Big Data Lake, Delivering the Promise of Big Data and Data Science” – Alex Gorelik – Chapter 5 From Data Ponds/Big Data Warehouses to Data Lakes

“The Making of a Manager: What to Do When Everyone Looks to You” – Julie Zhou – Chapter 5 Managing Yourself


A Cloud Guru – “DevOps Essentials” – Chapter 3 DevOps Concepts and Practices

Udemy – “Complete Agile Scrum Master Certification Training” – Section 1 Introduction


I am going to just put into the header section of these posts my current focus for the week. The first is “Data Pipelines” and that references the day to day work of a Data Engineer. I like to know about technology and understand the nuances of it, and the only way I can do it is to research it. I am going to be learning specifically about Airflow in this chapter and DAGs. The second is about Data Lakes. I typically only use Data Warehouses so a Data Lake interests me. This is also related to Data Engineering, specifically setting them up using schema on write and horizontal databases like Hadoop. Finally, I always read business books. Julie Zhou was interviewed in a podcast I listened to and I became interested in her thinking. She wrote this about her experience as an early manager.

Finally, some courses I am taking. The first relates to DevOps. This is a new foray for me as it came about after my time in school. I will say understanding the spirit of it and the framework is enlightening. The last relates to Agile Scrum master certification. I want to know more about Agile.