Captain’s Log Star Date 2024.05.03

Captain’s Log Star Date 2024.05.03


A Cloud Guru – “DevOps Essentials” Chapter 1 Introduction


I started learning about DevOps on ACG. I am first surprised to learn what it is and what it isn’t. I get so confused when I use the term or hear it and I know I am using it incorrectly. I did not realize that it’s more of a cultural thing, where Development and Operations work together. My technical training ended in 2011, and all that’s happened since then, Cloud and DevOps especially (and now AI) are new to me so I am catching up. I do not think these topics are that difficult to grasp and I look forward to exploring this topic more.

It’s been a slow week tech-wise learning on the other fronts. I’ve had my hands full with other things, so I spent most of this past week researching general tech topics and listening to some podcasts about it. Quantum computing captured my imagination some time ago and I’ve been deep diving it more. I am impressed with Nvidia’s Blackwell chips also and I’d like to know how that’s impacting AI.

There’s been a ton in the news on AI and I’ve been trying to keep up with it. I still do not know what the future of AI will be and how it will affect our lives. I am not sure if it is the Doomsday device many of the white collar workers think it will be and if so what rank will it affect? I think there’s a lot of top-down pressure to use AI in organizations broadly across industries, and that’s falling down onto managers to implement at the tactical level. However, if you look at AI and what it can do, it’s most likely going to be bottom up instead and will hollow out the middle if you think about it. The talk about “email jobs” aka managers of managers could come under pressure when specialized knowledge is easier to disseminate down.

Lastly I am curious about what it means for the internet if AI starts adding to the corpus itself. Also, what happens to authenticity? How are we going to be able to suss out what is real and what is not? I already am sure that I’ve believed things that may not be true when reading them on the internet. Is pure knowledge, aka what we can read in books going to come back? How are we going to tell what is fake and real anymore?