Brooks And Dunn, Cincinnati Museum Center, Bricktionary

Brooks And Dunn, Cincinnati Museum Center, Bricktionary

Brooks and Dunn

Wow, I got to see Brooks and Dunn! This is one of the last acts on my bucket list that I’ve wanted to see. In the past year I’ve seen Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson, and now these guys. I’d go see Toby Keith and George Strait if I could too. These guys were great! I loved singing every song with them and was sad when 10:30 came and they ended the show. I think it’s always funny how these artists say they’re going to play all night and then bam lights up after their “encore”. Anyway it was great. We did learn a lot about watching concerts at Rupp. First off, don’t park in the lot there, getting in is absolutely terrible and time consuming. For now on we’ll park at the Hyatt. Also, they have benches up there and that sucks. We had some really great seats and we sat the entire time. I hate standing at concerts!

My Maria – Brooks and Dunn

Cincinnati Museum Center

The boys just really wanted to go to CMC and we’ve not been there in awhile so we checked it out. Interestingly enough it was fairly empty. We went to the Children’s museum and the boys played a ton there. They really like the tree house area and we let them have lots of time there. This was really Ben’s first visit here. We did not come in during COVID so he missed two years of the museum. He really enjoyed it and I was glad to see him finally get a chance to check out the stuff that Teddy loves about it too. We spent a lot of time at the tree house believe me when Ted was younger.


We checked out this exhibit finally and it was really cool. We enjoyed walking through it and stopping at the glass cases that had little models of things that started with whatever showcased letter of the alphabet it depicted. We got every one correct expect for Q, where there was four pie pieces that made up a “quadrant”. Someone had to help us on that one. There was also some cool pop culture stuff including a remake of the Delorian from BTF and an X-Wing fighter, although that was missing a wing that broke off. The boys also liked building little models and trying out all of the little stations. Their favorite was placing little colored pegs on a 12 by 12 square that went on to a much larger image. One of those where you stand up close you see pixels but stand back and see the larger picture.

The Letter C At Bricktionary
The Letter C At Bricktionary
The Space Tower - Bricktionary
The Space Tower – Bricktionary
Back To The Future - Bricktionary
Back To The Future – Bricktionary