The BowTech Revolt XL

The BowTech Revolt XL

Happy birthday to me. As I begin my 44th trip around the sun I will do so with a pretty badass compound bow. I always promised myself if I hit a certain compensation goal I would get new golf clubs. Since I quit golf (long story) I still had some room to purchase new recreational equipment. I chose getting into archery.

When I set out I knew I wanted a fitted bow that I can keep for the next 25 years. I have very wide shoulders and no idea what my draw length is, so I found a local shop that could help me out. I knew I wanted a Bowtech and this shop was also a dealer. I don’t really know why I chose Bowtech over Elite, Matthews or Hoyt. I knew I wanted a bow where my draw length would be the middle value, not the extreme wide open length. Since I measured at a 30.5 inch draw length I knew the Revolt XL was the only model that would fit that requirement. I know archers are really weird about their brands so I knew the committment would be a real one too.

Rack Attack Archery really did me a solid favor. They helped me get the bow, the sights, the rest, and the stabilizers. They also installed and balanced the entire thing for free. No labor! They also discounted the accessories I bought from them. They were great.

The bow shoots perfectly. It has a 55 pound draw and 5 pound very stiff back wall. It was a cinch to finish sighting in at the range. My mechanics still need some work but I plan on spending more time at the range putting arrows into the target, and eventually trying my hand at 3D archery also. I think everyone needs a hobby outside of work and family. You need something you can concentrate on and take your mind off of everything else. You should also be able to master it, or at least attempt to master it.

BowTech Revolt XL