Cub World 2022

Cub World 2022

Our first Cub World is officially in the books! We had a wonderful time despite the uncooperative nature of the weather. Sunday it rained all day and half of Monday, but then transitioned to pleasantness for Tuesday where we had the most critical event on our calendar – swimming. We were able to do everything else though except for “creeking”, which was an exploratory trip along the local waterway at camp to look at nature/insects etc. This was cancelled because of high water from the storms. We did though fish (where Teddy caught a great bluegill), shoot BB guns, participate in archery, hike, and did team building and science. It was an absolute marathon, I am not kidding. You start when you get there and it does not let up until you leave. I was so tired when we left that I spent Wednesday basically lounging around the house trying to recover. Net/net I lost three pounds in the process.

This was my first real submersion into the scouting world. I met some really wonderful people here, especially other pack leaders from our area and traded ideas on fundraisers and got insight into challenges they were facing. I am also impressed with the staff. These guys work all day – 12 hours a day at times. They get one day off a week, then back to camp. They clean, organize, teach, and keep the kids safe. What an experience for them! Those are great lessons many of us don’t learn until later in life and they are getting exposure to them now. This is why I hope Teddy stays engaged in scouting, just as a way to build character and get exposure to people who care and try their best. I probably could’ve really benefited from scouting as a youngster as I didn’t learn many of the skills necessary to be successful in life until I was over 30. I am envious of their head starts in life honestly.

We ended up spending our time their tented in an alcove in the castle. I preferred this because I could sleep near my son and keep the worst of the weather off of us. I think next year we will camp again because the cabins in the castle/fort and tents in miners camp/mountain man looked pretty beat up.

Here are some notes on our trip to remember for next time –

  • coffee isn’t served until breakfast – may need to bring a coffee system in the future
  • you can bring your own rods and tackle fishing, the pond is also stocked with largemouth bass
  • there are extension outlets outside of the cabins in the castle to use if tenting for CPAP or box fans
  • the fort has a really nice campsite below it with fire pit and water
  • may need to consider packing additional proteins if the food is just really bad
  • wagons will take luggage to camp, but label your bins with your name (all bins seem to look alike)
  • cabins are really hot and because of YPT you cannot stay in the same room as your child (this caused issues in our camp)
Cub Scout Camp - Cub World
Cub Scout Camp – Cub World
Earning Wood Chip - Cub World
Earning Wood Chip – Cub World
Eating Salad - Cub World
Eating Salad – Cub World
Playing A Game - Cub World
Playing A Game – Cub World
BB Gun Range - Cub World
BB Gun Range – Cub World
Fishing Pond - Cub World
Fishing Pond – Cub World
Swimming Pool - Cub World
Swimming Pool – Cub World
The Castle - Cub World
The Castle – Cub World
Our Sleeping Place - Cub World
Our Sleeping Place – Cub World