Media Viewing List

Media Viewing List

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Wandavision” Disney + | Season One

Tales From The Loop” Prime Video | Season One

The Expanse” Prime Video | Season Two

Ozark” Netflix | Season One

The Umbrella Academy” Netflix | Season Two

The Least Expected Day” Netflix | Season One

The Queen’s Gambit” Netflix | Season One

Space Force” Netflix | Season One

RAW” WWE Network | 1998

The Boys” Prime Video | 2019

January 2021 – Completed


Nightcrawler” | 2014 – This movie cemented for me the belief that Jake Gyllenhaal is a totally underrated actor. Also a great film overall.

Between Two Ferns” | 2019 – I laughed out loud at this one, Zach G is very funny but Scott Aukerman’s writing is what makes this one so great.

Birdbox” | 2018 – I’m not good with suspenseful movies and this one took me several tries to finish it. I had to read up the plot at some point because I wanted to make sure the kids were OK at the end. At least I get the pop culture references around it now.

The Public Enemy” | 1931 – I’m taking advantage of the classic movies on HBO Max. Finally got to see James Cagney act.

Godzilla – City On The Edge Of Battle” | 2018 – I love me some kaiju and Godzilla. The visuals and audio was really cool in this movie although I had trouble figuring out the plot at times because it is heavy sci-fi.

Pirates of the Caribbean – Dead Man’s Chest” | 2006 – These movies are fun. Interestingly enough this is the first time I’ve seen any of them. Running through the series now.

What We Do In The Shadows” | 2014 – I finally watched this cult comedy classic. I thought it was funny in parts.


The Mandalorian” Disney+ | Season Two. Brought back Boba Fett, brought in a young Luke Skywalker, and learned Baby Yoda’s name. This series is one of the best Star Wars related productions in the entire bunch.

February 2021


Hellboy: Sword of Storms HBO Max

The Little Things HBO Max

Westworld HBO Max

The Omega Man HBOMax

Soylent Green HBOMax

Justice League:Dark