Media Reviews

Media Reviews

Speed (1994) – Hulu – First Viewing – Even though I can’t remember seeing this film, I know enough about it because it was an absolute pulp culture icon of the time. Today? It doesn’t really age too well. It is still an adrenaline rush but the overall movie lacks polish. The editing is kind of sloppy at times, dialog is sophomoric, special effects are borderline. Hey, but they blow up a jet airliner (for some reason) and ramp both a metro bus and a subway train. Famous quote though “pop quiz, hotshot.”

Snake Eyes (2021) – Paramount + – First Viewing – I was really excited when this movie first came out simply because I loved GI Joe figures when I was a child and the idea of an origin film intrigued me. Snake Eyes was one of the coolest GI Joe figures at the time (and cartoon character too). He was part ninja, didn’t speak, and for some reason had a pet wolf. Everyone always asked if you had a Snake Eyes in your collection (I did not, they were in demand even back then). The movie is getting dogged by critics, average reviews by fans. Personally I enjoyed it and my children did too especially. They liked the action scenes and the cool backgrounds. I thought it was fun, and the ending totally blew me away. I had no idea we were seeing Storm Shadow’s origin story too! I am curious if we’ll see more GI Joe related films, evidently it flopped at the box office (was released during pandemic so there you go).

American Psycho (2000) – HBO Max – Second Viewing – I came for the memes. I remember seeing this movie many years ago but don’t recall taking much away from it other than being gory, but it’s become such a pop culture mainstay that I wanted to rewatch it. Patrick Bateman is on so many memes, but interestingly enough there’s not a lot of quotes that come from this movie. It is mostly just images of him looking reallly smarmy. I’ve also seen this movie on a list of most confusing movies, and I remember the responses to that were people saying it was not confusing. Well, I disagree. Did he kill Paul Allen or not? Or was he just delusional?

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