Learning Python – Plan Development

Learning Python – Plan Development

I am choosing Python as my first foray into programming, with Java and Cloud (AWS) to follow. I foresee this as a good plan to get into data engineering, either as a consultant or as data scientist. I just feel my desires lie more in the world of technology than finance and I need to beef up those skills if I want to be relevant in them.

Let’s lay out my Python learning program using the old fashioned reporters base questions of “who, what, where, when, why, and how” –


  • this is of course me, the perpetual student with the middle aged “I’m not ready to give up yet” attitude


  • how to utilize my favorite tools in Excel but in Python
  • explore deeper data analytic processes and tools
  • automation tools


  • my entire plan is self taught, I am choosing the life of an autodidact


  • every Friday night going forward with an hour or two during the week depending on home/work schedule
  • I hope to be completed with this plan by the beginning of spring 2023


  • work with larger data sets that Excel just can’t handle
  • be more competitive in the job market place
  • make my own life easier


  • Udemy – several courses here that were purchased during a recent sales including 100 Day Bootcamp and more advanced Python courses
  • MIT Open CourseWare – great class on Python with lectures, tests, and study guides
  • “Learning Python” – Putz – self directed reading and a more comprehensive, deep dive into Python


Sumatran Orangutan at Cincinnati Zoo
Sumatran Orangutan at Cincinnati Zoo