Phone Upgrade – iPhone 13 Pro Max

Phone Upgrade – iPhone 13 Pro Max

I am bidding farewell to my iPhone 8 Plus. I purchased this phone before our first visit to Florida several years back because I wanted something I could take better pictures with because at the time the camera was a big upgrade over my iPhone 6. It’s been my favorite device of all time. There were many things I liked about it, and what I did like looks to be in the iPhone SE. I think Apple is making a smart move keeping it around. In fact, I am keeping it around too. I’ll be wiping it and loading it up with Apple Arcade games. I’ll give that to the boys so they have something to play on during car trips, or I can break it out when they’re bored at the store or something.

There are lots of things I like about this new iPhone. My first impression of it is that it is massive. The weight and size of it really tells you the Johnny Ives days of slim and sexy are past us. This iPhone really feels like a device. You can feel the metal and glass of it. I am impressed with it, but for sure a little taken back by it. Incredible.

My next impression is that the hardware cooks. The camera is incredible. Every photo and video I’ve taken is quality. Of course, this is the first feature I wanted to see. I’ve heard nothing but industry hype about the upgrade the Pro Max’s camera was supposed to be over every other contendor. I’ve heard the Google Pixel is impressive, but Apple sets itself apart with the software that comes with it. I also think the low light shooting is everything that’s been touted – it is very good. Also, zoom and macro? That’s pretty cool too.

I am glad we went with the 512 GB. That was always a limiting factor with the iPhone 8. At 62 GB I ran out of room often. It was a good thing in that I could never go too long without downloading photos/videos to my PC. With 512 GB I’ll need to be a little more cognizent of it.

Interestingly enough I am writing this post on a Samsung Tablet so no I am not entirely on the Apple ecosystem. I also use Windows PC as my desktop and I’ll never stop using it. So although I do gush about Apple products, I’ve had enough exposure to alternatives to know how good they can be compared to the rest. Given that, I’m an iPhone lifer.

EDIT – I finished this blog post and then immediately realized I miss something I want back with this iPhone purchase – the home button. There is simply no substitute for the home button. I didn’t realize just how much I relied on that on my previous iPhone to manuever around the device. The swiping up is just not the same and is no way as easy to use.

iPhone 13 Pro Max