Review: Batman – Arkham Asylum and Terminator – Resistance

Review: Batman – Arkham Asylum and Terminator – Resistance

Batman – Arkham Asylum

I am a certified Batman fanatic. He is my favorite comic book character out of all of them and I still read his comics regularly via the DC Universe app. I’ve heard of this game from multiple sources as being a terrific entry into Gotham and a better video game to boot. I was not disappointed. I would definitely play this again on a harder mode. Since it is the first of the series, I’ll concentrate on the remaining games next before circling back to it.

The game is set in Arkham Asylum. Batman’s captured the Joker and is delivering him back to Arkaham, however, the Joker launches a scheme that puts the entire asylum under his control. Poison Ivy, Scarecrow, Harley Quinn, and Croc figure for the other baddies in the game, with lots of beat-em-ups on escaped inmates. You creep around the map while solving mini-games provided by the Riddler, with a final boss fight against the Joker.

Completion time – 17 hours.

Terminator – Resistance

I love the Terminator movies. I still think Terminator 2: Judgement Day is the only example of a sequel that was better than the first movie. The entire concept is cool. Humans, in an ever evolving arms race decide to allow artificial intelligence dictate its defense directives. Said intelligence becomes sentient and realizes humans are its biggest threat. A war ensues, cool ass robots that are pretty scary crush skulls as huge tanks and jets roam the sky. Humans are relegated to second class survival and are fighting for their lives. Throw in some time travel too, because why the fuck not?

Overall this game is OK, it’s built on the Unreal Engine so learning the controls isn’t too hard. It’s a sneak around game, which can get frustrating when you just want to to shoot something, which you really can’t do until the handful of battle sequences interspersed. It does a great job of tying up some loose ends in the movies if you can believe it, so the ending scene, which is submit below, is worth playing to see.

Completion time – 12 hours