Gravel Box Update

Gravel Box Update

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I continue my work to create a great backyard for the boys to play in. Growing up I loved gravel and dirt piles and my Tonka trucks and I wanted to provide them one also. We as kids usually didn’t get to play in them much, for whatever reason messing around the gravel pile was off limits on the farm (multiple restrictions on what you could/could not do made growing up in a rural area absolutely boring). As such, I wanted to give them a place where they could do whatever they wanted.

I first built this box as a gravel box, but the boys did not care for it, so I added sand. Then they didn’t really do much in it but throw out sand, so I added in larger rocks and colored blocks so they could do something else. Right now they have a terrific selection of Tonka trucks to play with, which I think at this point includes all of whatever is offered. I also added little seats so they could sit along the edges and play in it without getting their bottoms wet. So far it’s been way too cold to play much in it, so I hope this next spring they get some more use out of it.

Right now we have the gravel box, the swing set, and a playhouse. They still prefer Minecraft though. I guess when I was a kid I loved my NES just as much, so I can’t hold that against them although I’d love for them to play more outside. I just think it’s really important for them in their development.

Project - sandbox blocks and seating
Project – sandbox blocks and seating