Review – Cyberpunk 2077

Review – Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077
Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 is the first big budget AAA game I’ve ever purchased on opening day. I did so because I wanted to be the first for once on a title. I came to PC gaming late, not building my first gaming rig until over a year ago. You can read about it here: PC Build Complete. As such, I’ve been catching up on the old games first, the classics that are highly rated that I never had a chance to try. I also have very little time to game, so I can’t grind on a title that sucks, so I buy games based on curated lists from sources I trust. I also buy during Steam sales, so I have a massive backlog to tackle. I decided to take a break from all of it and try something new for once. If it didn’t work out, oh well. However, it did.

My thoughts are not what you would expect. I loved the game. I didn’t have issues with the bugs other people did. Yes, there were some weird things that happened. Floating guns, cars falling from the sky, a quest I couldn’t complete because of a glitch, but it didn’t kill my overall game play. In fact, I was so overrun by the immensity and coolness of the game that I overlooked all of it. If the game got a bad name, it’s because they tried to launch it on the PlayStation 4 when it clearly is outmatched for the processing ability of that potato. They kept holding back the launch date because of it, and given that the PS5 is still in short supply they had to open it up or lose a huge portion of their customer base and risk being stale by the time supplies could catch up. That was a mistake but I can understand why they did it, there back were against the wall. I also want to commend the developers for launching bug fixes regularly to improve the game also.

Here is a list of things I found notable in Night City:

Characters – The characters are the best part of the game. I felt kind of sad when Jackie Welles died. It seems everyone online crushes on Judy Alvarez. I actually wanted it to work out with Panam Palmer. I even purchased a Johnny Silverhand action figure for my office!

Music – One of my favorite gaming soundtracks of all time. I still listen to it in the car and I’ve downloaded all of the newest titles. REL’s “Night City” is an amazing track. The soundtrack does come with the game, but Amazon Music also has the newest releases as well.

R Rating – There were lots of curse words and sex. This is not a game for children to play at all and I couldn’t let my kids watch it while I played. If you thought Grand Theft Auto took it to new limits, this game is going to jolt your bonnet off your noggin. Not for the prudish.

Quests – There are three life paths to choose from in the game. There are also tons of side quests to do. I am 70+ hours in the game and have defeated it. I still go back and pop off side quests. I don’t do that for Mad Max. It’s just too fun and the character I have is fun to play.

Game Play – Not sure if game play is that ground breaking. People say the car driving is better in GTAV, and the action is standard. However, I thought it was really cool to play through. Once you get mantis blades and attack people hand to hand the game gets absolutely nuts.

Story – I played Corpo life path and I’ve attached the last two hours of ending I got on my game play. Evidently ending is determined by your choices throughout the game.

Replay Ability –  This really determines the reputation of game. If you can replay it then it becomes a classic. Games where there’s a ton of grinding rarely become replay classics. Will I play another life path? I am not sure. I have many games I want to play on the side. I do think I’ll keep knocking off the cool side missions though at thirty minute clips.

Thanks for reading!