The Classic Tetris World Championship

The Classic Tetris World Championship

I want to drop a YouTube video I came across that does a great job explaining the nuances of the Classic Tetris World Championship. I stumbled upon the tournament recently and became enamored with it. What most people don’t recognize about nerdy things is that there are always a lot of nuances, history, hacks, and legends surrounding them. That’s the appeal for nerds for nerdy things. If they were simple, straightforward, and mainstream they would no longer be nerdy. They’d be boring.

I love the game of Tetris itself, and was addicted to it on the NES growing up. I still play it on my RetroPi and iPhone. If Tetris Effect ever gets ported to the PC, I’ll play it for sure.

A few bullet points that I found interesting if you need a prompt to watch the video involving terminology and game playing strategies.

  • Terminology

    • “Topping Out”: ending the game
    • “Maxing Out”: earning the most points allowed in Tetris (999,999)
    • “Kill Screen”: The highest and most difficult level in Tetris: level 29
    • “Well”: the empty section you leave to drop line pieces to form Tetrises
    • “Drought”: length of time you won’t receive straight pieces
    • “DAS”: Delayed Auto Shift, aka the quirk about moving left and frame
  • Game playing strategies and techniques

    • Hyper-tapping
    • Using tucks and spins
    • Efficient block building
    • Maximize scoring