Dining Out: Riverside Korean Restaurant

Dining Out: Riverside Korean Restaurant

I enjoy trying different types of cuisines from Asia. What better way to experience different cultures than through their food? A problem that I face is that it can be difficult finding a restaurant that doesn’t trade out flavors or exoticism in order to appeal to the local market. Since I am at the mercy of the establishment that I have visited on what is authentic I try to find places that won’t compromise. Riverside Korean Restaurant serves food that as far as I can tell is close to the real deal, and recently a coworker that accompanied me to this restaurant who is knowledgeable on Korean cuisines said the same. If you want to try real Korean food, this is it.

Riverside Korean has been voted the best Korean food in the region for the last several years. A small restaurant located in Covington KY, its owner imported and hand built a traditional Korean restaurant interior using teak wood. The restaurant also has an optional traditional Korean floor seating where shoes must be removed. If you’re a big guy like I am, opt for the booth. There is also an extended dining area with standard table seating for busy weekend nights when occupancy is at a premium.

For starters we ordered Goon Man Du, which are pan fried dumplings, and Kim Bab, which is a rice roll with beef, crab meat, egg, pickled radish, cucumber and carrots. I really liked the Goon Man Du and its accompanying sauce. For the main entree I chose Bul Go Gi Dup Bab, which is standard Korean beef served over rice in a hot stone bowl. I thought it was very good. The hot stone bowl gave the rice a terrific texture as well. My companion chose Hon Hap Tang, a spicy mussel and clam soup. She remarked that her meal was very good and that she hasn’t been to many Korean restaurants that actually had it on the menu. Both of our meals came with Ban Chan, which are six side dishes you share with the other person. My favorite of this was the spicy Kim Chi.

Overall my feeling about this place is that it is a gem. I’m glad Riverside Korean is here because it gives me a chance to try a cuisine I’d never get the option of sampling without traveling to Korea itself. I have been here a few times but this is the first time I tried reviewing it. I first stumbled upon the place during a snowstorm many years ago when trying to get home from work. The roads were a mess and I came inside to let the snowplows make some progress and get something to eat. I had a head cold so the waitress recommended I get a spicy soup to clear out my head. It did the trick! I’ve been back whenever I’m in the area ever since.


The interior of the restaurant with traditional Korean floor seating. Booths are also available.


Ban Chan – six very good side dishes along with our appetizers of Goon Man and Kim bab.


Bul Go Gi Dup Bab
Bul Go Gi Dup Bag – grilled marinated thin slices of beef with carrot, onion, and green onion over rice in a hot stone bowl.