A New Year, A New Project

A New Year, A New Project

Everyone knows I love fly fishing, and with that said I decided to start something new. Although I’ve already set my goals and resolutions for 2018, an idea hit me today that I felt was impossible to ignore and required immediate action. As background into this epiphany, I ventured into what I’m doing now (blogging) from my love of fly fishing. Originally I started a website to chronicle all of the interesting places I was fishing and what I was discovering in the pursuit such as fly tying and other tips. Eventually, I wanted a place to store all of it as well as experiment with maintaining a website. Of course, with new events in my life came new priorities and new focuses and I eventually discontinued the website. However, I’ve never really let go of creating fly fishing content and I still maintain my relationships with those I met back on that platform. In the end, I’d like to begin sharing  again even though it’s been ten years since I had gained any notoriety doing it. But, how can jump back in without assuring that it fits my life and adds value to it?

The project

After much consideration, I have decided to launch a fly tying YouTube channel. At this point, the only way I can stay involved with the zeitgeist of the sport is to contribute something I can do at home. I also know a few very good tyers from my involvement with the Northern Kentucky Fly Fishers that I’d love to add to the project too. I’d like to upload one video a week starting off that are shot in HD with my DSLR, and are all under 5 minutes long. I think to accomplish this I’ll begin immediately with material already on the hook. Most fly tying videos uploaded to YouTube are shot with potatoes, or take way too long to get to the tying, or produce a really bad looking fly. Since I’m actually a pretty decent fly tyer, I think I can add value by producing great videos and grow personally by learning how to edit and shoot better. Who knows what doors that could open up?

Besides the YouTube channel, I also plan on developing a brand. I will support this through a page on Facebook and a standalone website (which I’ll also code to keep up with my HTML and CSS skills). I’ll host all of this on my existing AWS account. I think I’ll skip the whole “follow back/follow me” on social media and concentrate on other ways to advertise for views. I’m not sure how I’ll monetize this as small producers don’t make much income on YouTube anymore, but I think it will be fun.

The specifics

Right now I’m calling the project “Rivers From Eden” after coming across an interesting verse while reading through Genesis. I live in an area surrounded by rivers so it fits perfectly. Although in the bible one large river branches into four, my area has four rivers feeding into a larger one. In Genesis the four are Pishon, Gihon, Tigris, and Euphrates. Here we have the Licking, the Great and Little Miami, and the Whitewater. Although the main river is unnamed in the bible, here it is the Ohio River. Besides these five I also have access to the Great Lakes and the massive tailwaters of the southeast and all of the waters of Appalachia. It’s nice being in the middle of it all.

I want the brand itself geared towards something that’s missing in fly fishing today, although I’m not sure exactly what that pertains. Fly fishing has a very interesting subculture. One part possesses a strong punk rock/hipster influence as western snowboarders have taken up the sport in the off-season as a filler. The other part consists of that traditional image of a man with a wide brimmed hat, smoking a pipe and fishing in a collared shirt. Maybe there’s something in the middle that somebody is ignoring.

Regardless I will give it a try and set a goal of uploading five videos to see if I enjoy doing it or not. If I do not, I’ll trash the channel and find something else to do. Hopefully this will be fun and others will want to add content as well. If you’re reading and interested in participating, send me a message!