How You Do Anything Is How You Do Everything

How You Do Anything Is How You Do Everything

I want to share something that I feel can change how anyone approaches their life. All of us are looking for that extra edge, new insight, life hack, or inspiration to help us live how we want to live. I always say that quality time at work leads to quantity of time at home, so I try to operate at as efficient level as possible. This means remaining focused on a task until completion, being organized, learning how to prioritize, and minimizing mistakes.

There are people in this world that seem to find a way to operate intrinsically at a high level of excellence. They advance easily in their occupation, their homes are well maintained, they seem to just be good at everything they try. You can trust them because you know that if they sign on to the project they’re going to bring a level of quality that ensures success.

What separates these people from others is how they approach the way they do things. And this is what I want to share in this post. How you do anything is how you do everything. I have been trying to embrace this idea and live it out in my life both at home and at work, and I’m definitely noticing differences.

If you take half measures in all that you do you will only accomplish half your goals. If you apply yourself at everything you do you will find a pride in your work and treat everything you do if it is of great value, even if it is not. You will live a life that embraces quality and gets the little things right, because only when you nail the details can you nail the big things. You will discover that your time is important, and if you’re going to do something you’re going to do it right, and if you can’t, you’ll be honest with yourself and really think if you’re spending your time wisely.

I’ve tried taking this concept and apply it to everything I do. Even if it’s folding my laundry, vacuuming the floor, taking care of my lawn, or maintaining my garden, I try to think through each little step. It’s been incredible how much of an impact it makes.

I encourage you to adopt this mantra in your life too, both at work and at home, and see what kind of a difference it can make.