Holiday Trains At The Cincinnati Museum Center

Holiday Trains At The Cincinnati Museum Center

Holiday Trains at the Cincinnati Museum Center is a family tradition for people who live in our region. Most people my age and older remember going downtown to see them, but their new home is much better. First thing to note are the fabulous renovations that took place that houses them. CMC received a tax funded facelift that is evident throughout the center. The Holiday Train exhibition looks very clean and well maintained. Little kids can poke their heads up and over the glass and see the miniature world below them. There are also plenty of lights and buttons to push on an activity wall that kept my little ones busy. We were impressed with the new layout and design.

It’s been my contention that Cincinnati tends to put a lot of money into building things and then never maintains it afterwards. They just end up falling apart after awhile and then everyone is up in arms in who is going to pay for it, if they even decide to keep it. The taxpayers for Hamilton County stepped up big time to fund the repairs needed here, and they did a good thing. If there is anything that taxpayer dollars should go towards is keeping up the public institutions that people hold dear.

If you visit Holiday Trains, note that there is a Santa Claus that you can get your kid’s picture taken with. There is also a great Lego display that your little ones will love to see. My oldest loved seeing the Harry Potter displays. I liked seeing the Star Wars stuff. We also had lunch at the cafeteria and the food was pretty good!

I would suggest getting a season pass if you go and getting there earlier for the member’s only arrival time. It was super crowded on our way out and the parking lots were already full, so plan accordingly if you go closer to the holidays.