Hello World

Hello World

Welcome to JoshuaRust.com. This blog’s promise is to post every Tuesday for the next year to see what, if anything, I can learn along the way. I plan on writing about books that I’ve read, people I find interesting, and some personal stories that I think others might find worthwhile. I also want to write articles about life that I think are important, like how to improve your character, how to get the best use out of your time, how to set goals and have vision for your life. A blog is a great way to grow personally, and much more controllable than using social media, which can change their product at any time without your approval. I’m also using WordPress, and with that comes some exposure to using one of the most popular software products on the internet, so I’ll get some hard skill improvement too.

Blogging is fun because it gives you freedom. You don’t need a publisher to get your word out anymore. You can share your own content without having to appease a gatekeeper. It’s really you versus the world. Granted, there are a lot of voices out there and it’s more important than ever to be unique, but at least you’re in the stadium and not in the parking lot.

What other benefits are there? Blogging regularly gives you a chance to practice, and practice makes you better at writing. Writing is a way to organize and communicate your thoughts, and if you can do that better, you can improve how you interact with the world. Being able to formulate your message and get that across can work wonders for helping you attain your goals. In the past I would get embarrassed with the way I communicated. I was always afraid I’d say the wrong thing, or jumble my words, or be perceived negatively. The same with my writing, which seemed to betray the fact I had two college degrees. It made me shy and somewhat cautious, and it took me awhile to warm up to strangers. Writing can help anyone overcome these obstacles because you can have confidence that your thoughts are better articulated, and there’s also an honesty and authenticity that develops when you write a lot. This is something people look for in others.

I won’t define this project much more. I hope the blog grows and I can discover a new outlet to produce value. If you are reading this, feel free to like my Facebook page and comment on there. Since spammer and SEO con artists seem to prey on the comment section on WordPress I’ve shut them down until I can learn an effective way to moderate them.