Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day weekend!

For our region, there won’t be the annual Riverfest Fireworks this year. Not a big deal, we’re going to stay put and try to enjoy the three day weekend anyway. Honestly I gave up going to the fireworks. The traffic doesn’t make much sense and most people I know don’t live near the river anymore. We all live in the suburbs now.

American Flag Viewed from Below
American Flag Viewed from Below

There does seem to be an added dimension to this year’s Labor Day weekend. I’ve seen more mention of people giving thanks to front line workers. You can’t find another group of people witnessing a more difficult few months. I hope this pandemic lets off because this blog is getting fairly boring documenting all of the cancellations this year and the list is growing. Some of our favorite events of the year, which all occur in the fall, are getting nixed. It’s depressing. In the early spring of this year the expectations surrounded control of the pandemic by the last quarter of the year and that is not even on the horizon.

Some other items that will be cancelled this fall include:

  1. Oktoberfest (all in the region and there are a lot)
  2. Kings Island Halloween Haunt
  3. Ohio Renaissance Faire
  4. Kentucky Woolfest

At least fall sports are happening despite occurring in front of empty stadiums. My guess is that Hamilton County is still loses the same amount on the stadium regardless if people show up at Bengals games or not given how lopsided the revenue sharing agreement is between Mike Brown and county government.