Casey Neistat: How to be Heard

Casey Neistat: How to be Heard

I am a fan of Casey Neistat’s vlog, not so much because of the things he does but because of the way he lives his life. If there’s one thing I have noticed about high performers is that they don’t fear failure. Think about it, what would you do if you didn’t care if you failed? What would you do if you didn’t care what people thought about you? What path would you set for yourself? These are questions all of us ask ourselves daily but are afraid to answer. Admittedly, I have been in that camp and it took me a long time to learn the value of risk. But now I put myself out there despite being afraid of what others think of me. Sometimes doing something that scares you is the key to turning a corner, which is something Casey goes into during this talk where he shares his life journey and shares his optimism for the future.

Casey Neistat is an incredibly interesting person in general. Having to support a child at an early age and having to work taught Casey the power of hustle.  He used that hustle with his creativity and willingness to experiment, as well as having a good understanding of the zeitgeist of youth culture, to launch a successful commercial studio, YouTube channel, and tech startup. His motto of “do more” is something all of us should strive for considering how short life really is in the end. The only shortcoming I think he sees in himself is not being as highly educated as his colleagues, but I only believe that’s because he comes into contact with those types of people more. When you’re front and center in hip New York City and working in the upper strata of media, you’re bound to meet more Harvard and Columbia graduates than you would working in another industry in another town.

One thing I like most about Casey is how inspiring he is to others. Even at the end of this video below, a woman thanks him for inspiring her to try to do more. She admits to working in television, and if I were to guess switched to vlogging as a way to break through a crowded field. Casey definitely is from that world of thought where if you can’t open a door you just knock it down, which to me is a strategy not often employed enough. I think there are a lot of people who want a certain career path or lifestyle but aren’t totally sure how to get it, or are at least willing to put real work into it. However, it’s possible they could have it if they thought of an open space and filled it. In industry it’s called First Mover Advantage, and it can be a powerful strategy. But then again a lot of people focus on what their work can get them, and not on the work itself, which doesn’t seem like a path to success in general.

Before I get too long winded on this subject, I’ll go ahead and present Casey Neistat’s talk, “How to be Heard.”