Ben Horowitz: Impacting The World

Ben Horowitz: Impacting The World

Anything that Ben Horowitz says or writes I will either listen to or read. The same goes for Marc Andreessen, who is one of my favorite podcast interviews. Both men make up Andreesen Horowitz, which is an investment firm based in Silicon Valley. Both are very smart guys who freely share their knowledge. Both have done very, very well for themselves and for others.

Below is a commencement speech that Ben gave at his alma mater, Columbia University. In it he talks about how truly monumental today’s generation will be as technology helps mankind reach its full potential. As he says most poignantly, and I’ll paraphrase here, that today any child with a smartphone has better access to the world’s collection of books than someone did at an Ivy League school twenty years ago. He also delves into the idea that passion and talent are different things, that passions can change over time, and that only pursuing it is self centered. He advocates instead an approach where you concentrate on what you’re good at so you can make the most impact there.

As far as his comments on the future, I agree and I still believe in the power of technology to change people’s lives and encourage them to utilize it to do so however they can. I am still very concerned with limitations on net neutrality and can’t understand how it’s a political issue. I believe removing it creates precedent to greatly restrict what has been both an economic driving force and system of change the world over. More on that later though.