Information Overload

Information Overload

I’m starting to wonder if I read too much. Here’s what I go through during a week:

  1. Read the New York Times every morning after I wake up
  2. Read the Wall Street Journal every afternoon at two o’clock for a break
  3. Read the Harvard Business Review once a week
  4. Read through a collection of blogs (mostly in Tech and fly fishing) using Feedly during my lunch hour
  5. Read through the collected stories I have on my Pocket during the weekend that were too long to read while at work
  6. Read from my Kindle on the weekends, mostly fiction
  7. Read from my Kindle app on my laptop, mostly non-fiction
  8. Listen to Audiobooks on the way home from work
  9. Listen to Podcasts on my way to work
  10. Read comics on Hoopla before I go to bed
  11. Read through Twitter several times a day, and Facebook in the mornings

Maybe it’s time to cut back some? I just feel like it’s information overload and I’m wearing myself out trying to stay informed. Maybe this is just too much digital clutter too. Is that a thing now?

Can I Marie Kondo my online distractions?