RIP Vortex

RIP Vortex

RIP Vortex. You were the first roller coaster I ever loved, but your time has come. I can’t believe that they’ll be taking you down. Yes, you’re a little jerkier than what I remember but still exhilarating. This is truly the end of an era at Kings Island.

When I was a kid, I was deathly afraid of rides. When I was 13 a favorite aunt took me and my brother to Kings Island and she made the entire visit so much fun I couldn’t say no to trying anything. Eventually she got me on the Vortex and after that first ride I kind of dispelled my fears on rides in general. I think we even rode this ride a second time that day.

I’ve probably rode this roller coaster a hundred times since.

It kind of stinks that I won’t be able to take my sons on it. The oldest loves rides and is a little daredevil so there wouldn’t be much cajoling to get him on it. I did get to experience it one last time with my sister in law, so if the first time I rode it was with family, the last one was too.

So long buddy, you will be missed.