Dining Out: Ole Times Buffet

Dining Out: Ole Times Buffet

I don’t say this lightly, but Ole Times is the best buffet I’ve ever been to in my life. Everything they had was delicious and the variety was tremendous. This is a real southern buffet, and those who really know southern food know what should be on it. Of course you have your barbecue, your smoked sausage, catfish, chicken and deserts. But what really sets this place apart are the vegetables. Wow, they were amazing!

Real southern food does with vegetables what no other place in the country does with them and the region just doesn’t get the credit for it. The key is in the seasoning, and I couldn’t find a single vegetable at this buffet I didn’t love. From collard greens and black eye peas (my two favorites), to green beans, squash, zuchini, mashed potatoes and a half dozen others that were just as good. I couldn’t stop eating them!

Ole Times buffets are spread throughout Georgia and Alabama, and their BBQ only restaurant, Smok’n Pig, is often considered one of the best barbecue joints in the country. You can find the brisket and ribs (at least five meats, they promise) here that you can there. The sauce is a little tangy, which I always find interesting in the south as I expect it to be sweet. They also fry every piece of the chicken up, and you can find cracklin (yes, real cracklin) on the buffet next to the pork rinds. The fried food was amazing, and the catfish was perfect. Nothing was soggy or greasy, and my wife even remarked that the baked chicken she had might have been the best in her life.

This particular buffet was located in an old mall in Macon, Georgia. It was clean though and the service people friendly. We also met some really nice local people, and folks came up to us and just said hi and talked to us. I’m not saying like a few here and there, practically everyone who walked by us at least smiled and waved. You hear people in the deep south are really friendly, but wow I was kind of taken aback by how friendly they were.

Next time you swing through Georgia stop here, you will not be disappointed!

(Oh, special shout out to the Grippo’s Beef Jerkey I found in a gas station on the way through. That was some spicy stuff!)